Summer Women and Social Change in Mexico

June 22 – July 5  , 2019

$ 1,438 USD

This program is for women and men interested in studying Spansih while about Mexican culture, politics, and economics through the lens of women´s experiences and struggles for social justice. Study how women from various backgrounds (i.e. Indigenous, students, workers) have been affected by the neoliberal model of globalization and the kinds of mobilizations they have initiated or participated in. Establish and strengthen links between women of different countries (whose lives in an increasingly globalized world are more interrelated than ever) by sharing our respective struggles for justice and equality.


* Classes: 
Intensive language instruction, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students are evaluated and placed at the appropriate level with a maximum of five students in each class.

* Activities on Women & Social Change: 
Talks, videos and visits with women and grassroots projects are scheduled during the afternoon. Themes will be approached "from below" by spending time with activist groups and with an orientation towards social change.

Themes may include:

  • NAFTA, globalization, and "neoliberalism" in Mexico as well as the independent labor movement and maquiladoras 
  • Zapatismo and the struggles of Indigenous women 
  • Feminism, women's health, alternative medicine, sexual and reproductive rights and the lesbian movement in Mexico 
  • Politics and the recent elections 
  • Liberation Theology and Christian Base Communities 
  • Globalization and the environment

Note: All program activities are in Spanish with English translation when necessary.

Weekend Excursions

  • Xochicalco archaelogical site
  • Taxco silver mining town
  • Mexico City


With Mexican Family provides a vibrant sense of the Mexican people and makes the course more personal and profound. It also provides participants with ample opportunity to practice Spanish in everyday situations.. We offer homestays with gays and lesbians in Cuernavaca community. All CILAC Freire families are gay and lesbian friendly (Note: hotel or apartment accommodations are also available upon request).

The cost is $ 1,438  US dollars and includes full room (shared) and board with a Mexican family, two weeks of intensive Spanish instruction, educational material, cultural activities, local excursions in the Cuernavaca area and one weekend excursion. Cost does not include round trip airfare to Mexico City, nor transportation from and to the Mexico City airport.  $ 100 deposit is due at the time of application (this is included in the total program cost). Childcare is available at a minimal extra cost. 

For more information on "Women and Social Change in Mexico", please contact us: infor@cilacfreire.mx