Online Classes

We have our classes online every day. Our schedule is primarily are Monday through Friday, between 8 am to 5 pm CENTRAL TIME. Let us know if you want the class at a different time. The COST is US $ 20 per hour.
You will have to pay for at least 5 hours of classes through Paypal ( adding 8% for commission (US $ 108) or you can pay for 10 hours ($ 200 + 16 PP commission = $ 216). You can also send a check to our representative in Wisconsin for the cost of the classes plus a $5 dollar shipping fee to Mexico, so US $ 105 for 5 hours, or $ 205 for 10 hours.

We will work together to determine what date and time is better for you, and if you want to study one or two hours a week, or more... Then, we will conduct an interview via skype (we will utilize your skype user name, ours is from Cuernavaca, Mexico) to check technical issues and to confirm time, date and payment. You don´t need a webcam, but it is fine if you have one.
Hope you will enroll in our online classes.