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The Most Progressive Spanish

 and Cultural Education in Mexico

"It is always better to be in Community"


Come and Celebrate with us the Day of the Dead!
October 24 - November 6, 2021





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A Spanish immersion school for everyone

irrespective of nationality, ethnic origin, race, gender, sexual preference, or age.



Year-round Spanish classes 


At CILAC Friere you will learn also about the history and culture of Mexico,

and its past and current political situation. 



Social Justice Programs

as well as programs related to other areas of interest, including:


Women's Issues

LGBTQ Life in Mexico





The instruction is customized to the learners' needs and interest, and rooted in the Paulo Freire methodology, what is applied to the teaching of Spanish as a second language. Students contribute their insights and ask the questions necessary for critical analysis. We offer small, intensive classes at all levels, year-round, in a friendly and relaxed community atmosphere, as well as several Special Programs every year focused on a particular issue or area of interest, which often include travel in the region.


Our Spanish and Cultural immersion program offer:

  • Native Spanish-speaking teachers from Mexico, with professional training and extensive experience.
  • Maximum 5 students per class.
  • Five hours of formal intensive classes: 3 hours of linguistic grammar and 2 hours of practice (speaking, writing and listening).
  • “Round-table” discussions every other day on different national and international social justice topics.
  • Activities related to Mexican culture, including: videos, Mexican cooking classes, folk and Latin dance classes, participation in local fiestas, plus excursions to museums, “pueblos” and pyramids . . . and more!

CILAC Freire is a small community of teachers, students and activists. Our goal is to promote dialogue between Mexico and people of other cultures. To accomplish that, we attend to the needs of every participant.


Many different kinds of people who work with Spanish speakers would be attracted to CILAC Freire: 


— teachers, people working in health professions, social workers, clergy, people working with immigrants, lawyers.


— activists in many fields: LGBTQ rights and culture, women’s rights, environment, human rights, indigenous rights, housing, education. 


 In Cuernavaca, a small, vibrant city with relatively few tourists, you will have constant opportunities to practice your Spanish in daily interactions and experience the daily life of Mexico — at the market, at the zocalo or town center, at political meetings, and at cafes and bookstores. It is easy to visit nearby towns with historic sites and festivals.


University social justice programs

Students from many countries and universities have received academic credit from their universities for their work at CILAC Freire, and teachers have earned continuing education credits from their school districts. Documentation describing our methodology, texts, schedule and teaching staff can be sent to your university or school district at your request.



























10 de Abril 1919 - 2019

100 años del asesinato del General Emiliano Zapata Salazar

"Zapata vive, la Lucha sigue."

If you want to watch a small tribute, click on this link: here




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