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CILAC FREIRE offers Spanish classes every day at all levels through Skype! 

You can keep on improving your Spanish through our online classes.



Our schedule is primarily Monday through Friday, between 8 am to 6 pm CST. Let us know if you want your class at a different time.

The COST is US $ 20 per hour, with a minimum of 5 hours.

If you are a former student, please ask for your special discount!

We hope you will enroll in our online classes!





Hola estudiantes,

I took an immersion program at CILAC FREIRE and when I returned home I found how easy it was to forget what I had learned.  I tried to maintain what I had learned but found that the language schools here used different methods of teaching and that only made me confused.  In addition, classes were very expensive and I could not afford them.  I tried studying on my own, reviewing my notes, studying grammar books and reading a Spanish newspaper, but it was tough going.  Then CILAC FREIRE came up with the idea of classes online.  WOW!  What a difference it has made.  I get private lessons tailored to my specific needs.  Each week the professors answer my questions, carefully explaining the grammar, idioms and culture behind the particular expression or form of speech.  I am able to better retain what I have learned and I keep progressing.  As a clinical social worker, becoming fluent in Spanish is a necessity.  It is not easy, but CILAC FREIRE has made it possible for me. 

Louise Tonning, LCSW, Connecticut.







Becoming familiar with a new language doesn’t com

e easy for me. CILAC FREIRE Online has taken away some would be obstacles.  Rather then a preferred annual (and costly) immersion to Cuernavaca, I walk to my office chair in the next room and log on through my computer.  Instead of being a natural lurker in a classroom of several students, I am engaged in one-to-one dialogue. Moreover the topics are frequently around issues of my interest. Living in a state (Texas) where there is much political talk about the wall and immigration issues, conversations with my CILAC FREIRE instructors and reading the Mexico City newspaper gives me an essential global perspective.   I would recommend to you the cultural and linguistic journey that I have been on since 2010:  a weekly one to one class  with CILAC FREIRE online!


Greg Gaskamp, Pastor, Leander, TX.


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