June TBA, 2023


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Gain a clearer understanding of the complex cultural issues which govern Mexico. Better understand the expectations Mexican immigrant families may have for their children's education, based on their own experiences Improve your understanding not only of the language but also of the cultural heritage of your students. In this way, you can prepare yourself to better meet the needs of the Mexican students in your school community, improve communication between yourself and your students' families, ease the process of acculturation and enhance student achievement.



Intensive Spanish language instruction, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students are evaluated and placed at the appropriate level with a maximum of five students in each class.

Mexican Cultural Activities and Visits to Schools: 
Lectures and roundtable discussions, field trips to schools, museum visits, and encounters with local community groups scheduled during the afternoon allow participants to increase their knowledge and understanding of Mexican culture and education while practicing.

Spanish. Topics may include:

  • The Mexican education system,
  • The Mexican family (culture, ideas, values, etc.),
  • Mexican history, art, politics, and the Mexican economy.
  • School visits provide the opportunity to interact with and teach students in Spanish, as well as to discuss subjects of mutual interest with teachers and administrators.

Note: All program activities are in Spanish with English translation when necessary.



Weekend excursions 

Optional preparation for the BCLAD
includes information about the test, additional information on Latin American culture, and timed writing exercises.



With a Mexican family and possibly with a Mexican educator. The experience of sharing daily life with a family provides a vibrant sense of the Mexican people and makes the course more personal and profound. It also provides participants with ample opportunity to practice Spanish in everyday situations. We offer homestays with gays and lesbians in Cuernavaca community. All CILAC Freire families are gay and lesbian friendly. (Note: hotel or apartment accommodations are also available if you prefer).



Cost: The cost is $ 1,438 US dollars and includes full room and board with a Mexican family, two weeks of intensive Spanish instruction, educational material, cultural activities, local excursions in the Cuernavaca area and one weekend excursion. Cost does not include round trip airfare to Mexico City, nor transportation from and to the Mexico City airport. A $ 110 deposit is due at the time of application (this is included in the total program cost). Childcare is available at a minimal extra cost.



Testimony from a teacher from NM:

Studying Spanish at the Language and Culture for Educators course at CILAC Freire was an unforgettable experience! ...  Gabriela Ramirez, June 2014 & June2015. Dolores Gonzales Elementary. Reading Interventionist. Albuquerque, NM


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