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Classes are small (rarely more than 5 students) and structured according to each student’s level. Instructors change weekly so students can experience different styles of teaching, as well as listen to different voices and accents.


We have our classes online every day at all levels. Our schedule is primarily Monday through Friday, between 8 am to 6 pm central time. We use Skype to get in touch with you through our virtual classroom.


Several special programs are held every year, mainly during winter and summer. Each of them is focused on a particular area of interest.

The Most Progressive Spanish School

“It is always better to be in Community”

CILAC Freire is dedicated to the tradition of solidarity, community service, and social responsibility. A Spanish immersion school for everyone irrespective of nationality, ethnic origin, race, gender, sexual preference, or age. Our goal is to promote dialogue between Mexico and people from other countries in a friendly progressive atmosphere. At CILAC Freire you will learn also about the history and culture of Mexico, its current political situation and more. “True solidarity is found only in the plenitude of this act of love, and its existentiality, in its praxis.” Paulo Freire.

About Us

Why CILAC Freire?

CILAC Freire adapts Paulo Freire’s methodology to teach Spanish language and Latino Culture year-round in small intensive classes in a friendly progressive atmosphere. Our goal is to promote dialogue and communication between Mexico and people from other countries.

CILAC Freire: Place of community, culture and knowledge.

Cuernavaca, a city of contrasts, is a vacation spot for Mexican families, and meeting point for artists and intellectuals such as Paulo Freire, Ivan Ilich, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo since the 1950s. Later, during the 80’s, political refugees of Central and South America arrived aided by the progressive Catholic Bishop Sergio Mendez Arceo, who also came to Cuernavaca for sanctuary.


Accommodation with a Mexican family in Cuernavaca: it gives you the experience from a unique perspective on the daily life of the people, their food, customs and warm hospitality. Families help students learn the language in practical situations, and students are included in family outings and parties.

Price 2023

ONE-TIME Registration fee: US $ 110.00 Group Instruction: US $ 250.00 per week (25 hours) Classes ONLINE! US $22 / hr (5-hrs min. payment)


At this time for the situation of COVID -19, at CILAC FREIRE we accept all the people that have been fully vaccinated. In the process of application, we will require a picture of your Vaccination card. At least 24 hours before your arrival, we will also ask you to show us an Antigen test of Covid performed in that day with a Negative result. We suggest having/buying a traveler insurance with Covid coverage.

Cultural Activities

Our Cultural activities include museum tours, regional festivities, alternative educational space for kids and youth, inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community, conversations with zapatista collectives, artists, writers and testimonials from activists, inmigrants and women who fight for their rights.

All the activities are related to the programs we offer.
What are our students saying?

Explore a collection of heartfelt testimonials from our students, offering peeks into their enriching experiences during their time with us.

Holidays (Non working days)
  • January,1st, New Year
  • February,5th, day of the Mexican Constitution
  • March,21th, Birth of Benito Juarez
  • May,1st, Labor Day
  • September,16th, Mexico Independence day
  • November,20th, day of Mexican Revolution
  • December,25th Christmas.

About Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire (1921 – 1997) Brazilian pedagogue of the 1960s who developed an adult literacy program in northeastern Brazil, which eventually formed the basis of his philosophy of education. Paulo Freire refers to the “generative word”, which is taken and applied to the student’s own personal reality, as well as the importance of the active participation of the student in their own process. In essence, this philosophy teaches that “… Those who, learning to read and write, come to a new awareness of themselves and begin to look critically at the social situation in which they find themselves, often take the initiative to act to transform the society that has denied them this opportunity for participation. (Paulo Freire, 1989, Pedagogy of the Oppressed. p.9). It has left a significant mark on thinking about progressive practice. His Pedagogy of the Oppressed is currently one of the most cited educational texts (especially in Latin America, Africa, and Asia). Freire was able to draw and weave together a few lines of thought on educational practice and liberation.


Our Methodology

The methodology we use is unique in Cuernavaca and, for that matter, in many parts of Latin America and Spain. It is an attempt to steer clear of traditional, mechanistic methods which, often, are also ideologically oppressive. It has not been easy to change what we, as teachers, have been doing for years and what we, as students, experienced in our own educational process. Paulo Freire refers to the “generative word” to be taken from and applied to the student’s own personal reality and about the active participation of the student in his or her own process.



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Testimonials,our platform and upcoming cultural activities, all of this and more can be found in our dailyAdvertisements, testimonials, and upcoming cultural activities, all of this and more can be found in our daily.

Our Plataform

If you are already a student, remember that you have at your disposal our platform, where you will find complementary content that could be helpful for your learning skills.


Compilation of testimonials from our students, telling us a bit about their experience throughout their stay with us.

Cultural Activities

“The future activities that would take place in the city and surrounding areas that may be of interest to you.”

Art, Culture and History of Mexico

For the CILAC Freire community, it is of great importance that our students get to know the reality, the culture, the art and the history of Mexico. Mexico is very rich in aspects such as the history of its Indigenous Peoples, traditions, customs and festivities. It is equally important to get to know its struggles and current social movements. We consider that art is a condition that brings us closer to the essence of human beings and that it sensitizes us. Because of that, all artistic manifestations are welcome at CILAC Freire: Music, Painting, Theatre, Dance, Cinema, etc. In these arts, we find a valuable opportunity of transformation for a better world.


“Zapata vive, la Lucha sigue.”

10 de Abril 1919 – 10 de Abril 2019

100 años del asesinato del General Emiliano Zapata Salazar100 años del asesinato del General Emiliano Zapata Salazar.

A small tribute

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